Lexus LS 460L

The new Lexus LS falls under the category of super luxury class cars. The 2009 LS ranked second out of seven latest super luxury cars based on the analysis of safety and the reliability of the vehicle. Produced by the luxury brand of Toyota, the Lexus LS provides bulletproof Lexus reliability, and the finest interiors in addition to the innovative multi-media and navigation technologies.

This luxury car comes with 4.6 liter V8 engine model that produces 380 horse power of energy. The interior region in the vehicle is quite exemplary, and featured with the polished woods, soft leather and loads of latest technological features.

The 2009 LS is being offered in two different trim levels - the base trim and the extended 460L trim levels. Both the models are offered with all wheel drive system. The interior in the LS 460 offers a thin film transistor instrument display, push button start and several other luxury options ranging from heated steering wheel, hard-disc driver based GPS navigation system and XM NavTraffic system.

The new Lexus LS comes with air diffusers in the car and also offers infrared sensors that can measure the body temperature. The LS 460 L rear seats include with a DVD entertainment system and also contains shiatsu massaging ottoman seat and a swivel tray table.

Along with the automated parallel parking assist system, it offers pre-selected parking spaces to steer by itself. The other features in the vehicle include the radar cruise control, variable gear power steering, electronically controlled braking, stability control system and driver monitoring system.

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