Ferrari FF Neiman Marcus

Less than a month ago, we showed you the Ferrari FF Neiman Marcus Edition, which was this Christmas’ “Fantasy Gift” in the famous catalog, commanding a hefty US$95,000 premium over the stock car’s US$300,000 MSRP.

The close to $400k-price tag got you a unique "Grigio Gallo" paint, semi-aniline leather, a matching luggage set and a numbered interior plaque, plus participation in Ferraris Aspen, Colorado Driving Experience.

You may think that it's a lot to pay for a gray paint, leather luggage, unique trim and a plaque. If you agree, then you probably do not breathe the same rarefied air as the absurdly rich – in fact, considering the current economic situation, you probably think it a huge waste of money.

Yet, while mere mortals try to ride out the waves of the crisis, the 10 FFs offered by Neiman Marcus were sold out in just 50 minutes.

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